Corporate Banquets & Buffets, Delivered

Are you hosting an event? Trying to make a good impression? Or do you want to treat your staff to a special treat at lunch time? 

Why not order one from of our infamous buffet options and get it delivered to your home or place of work?

To order your buffet, all that we ask, is that you give us at least 3 working days notice and we can cater for party sizes from 20-200! Just add a couple of perfect kegs of draft beer to wash down dinner and create a memorable dining experience for all of your guests!

We have a variety of buffet options which are priced per person and ensure that there are a variety of delicious dishes to suit everybody's taste buds! We can even accommodate for special dietary requirements, with veggie/vegan/gluten free options for most of our dishes!


Why not order from our Christmas Menu?

Download our events brochure (buffet options on pages 12-15) 

Click here to contact us and book your banquet now. 
Event Brochure: Click Here 

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